Change Your Shoes


Factsheet 1: Does The Shoe Fit?

Video: She went through a shock while shopping for shoes. Share!

Video: Change Your Shoes!

Report: Indonesia Footwear Report 2008

Report: World Fotwear Yearbook 2012

The following reports were used as references in the texts for the websites:

  • Homeworkers in South India’s leather footwear industry. A briefing by Homeworkers Worldwide, December 2014
  • Where the shoe pinches. Child labor in the production of brand name leather shoes, SOMO, June 2012
  • Who Foots the Bill for the EU’s unfair trade agreements? Homeworkers Worldwide, March 2011
  • In the same footsteps? A Review of the Sustainability Efforts of Four Shoe Store Chains, FAIR TRADE CENTER, August 2014
  • Sustainability in the leather supply chain, ERNST & YOUNG, 2013
  • The United States Department of labour (OSHA – Occupational Safety & Health Administration (
  • Living wage in Asia, Clean Clothes Campaign, 2014
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